Picture of Todd Ghidaleson

Todd Ghidaleson

New York, United States



Date Certified: Jan 25, 2011

Thank you for considering me to facilitate your Social Media Platform! Social media is much more than a fad. Social media are unique, evolving, and, since still in their infancy, virtually uncharted. We are seeing a huge drive for the utilization of these services. From the bottom consumer level, where a patron is interested in leaving some feedback for a company in a more public fashion, to a high-level business executive who would like to get some information on how the public is enjoying a new service, social media provide data on consumer sentiment more easily than ever before.

Historically, we have been a part of a world where the conversation between company and consumer was very limited. If a conversation took place at all, it was very closed, impersonal, and private. People in today’s day and age want to be heard. They want their opinions seen, addressed, and acknowledged. I have the experience necessary to create, implement, and develop an ever evolving social media plan. I use my knowledge of viral marketing, as well as social marketing to create a campaign that is formulated to gain traction in the media sphere. I know what to post, as well as where and when to do it in order to gain maximum consumer-to-brand awareness, participation, and feedback.

Social media are not a fad. Facebook is not just a place to get the latest friend-to-friend gossip. YouTube is not just for watching silly videos posted by someone with a video camera and too much time. People, your clients, use these sites on a DAILY BASIS to get information. I would like to make sure that your information is what they are seeing and engaging with.

Thank you for your time