Picture of Aubrey Tester

Aubrey Tester

Baltimore, United States

Date Certified: Jun 4, 2010

I currently work at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health at the Center for Communication Programs as a website coordinator. We handle many USAID funded project websites such as the Knowledge 4 Health project (K4H), our Center's website and the Healthcare Improvement Project. K4Health is our main focus as it is an online collaboration platform for the public health sector to bring together the best of the best people and information into an easy to find, easy to use space. We are marking offline as well as online with Facebook and Twitter.

I also have my hands in a non-profit animal shelter in the South Florida area where I used to live. Again, using Facebook and Twitter along with their website to gain community presence, funding, volunteers and adoptions. And I've been using social media for personal use as well.