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London, United Kingdom



Date Certified: Jul 27, 2010

Daniel Doherty formed Grafform a professional Social Media Consultancy in 2010 and you can learn more about me here.

GraffORMs approach to consultancy is outined here.

I enjoy helping companies, individuals and brands choose the appropriate social networks for them, where ideally their desired customer demographic hang out on line.

We can build and brand your social network presence for you, or you can do yourself with our help. If you are able to produce your own images to the correct dimensions we can really make the social networks be an extension of your online foot print.

I work with an excellent graphic designer if you need help branding your social networks. We can make it really stand out from the crowd, with an eye on the functions we can incorporate which will be beneficial to you and your fans, followers or friends.

Once you have the "first impression" you want the world to see, we will show you ways to  engage with your audience using Social Media as  tool to both listen and communicate.

We can also help you Integrate your social media channels together and within your own website to get more resluts for the same actions and help you be easier to discover by your potential customers.

We want your great message ( i.e. great content whether it's witty banter, special offers, deals, jobs and much more) reaches the widest possible "interested" audience and then encourage them to share that message with their social networks.

Your Online Reputation Matters, please be aware of it as your customers will be.

I love people and social media enables me to engage with even more great people. Feel free to ask me a question....

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Daniel Doherty


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