Picture of Richard Bellemare

Richard Bellemare

Burlington, Canada



Date Certified: Aug 28, 2013

SociaLink was created to help small businesses, associations and non-profits create and develop social media marketing campaigns that would help them;

  1. create connections with their customers and followers by utilizing the power of social media
  2. to have meaningful engagement with their customers through their social media networks
  3. help grow their business, brand awareness and their message by using social media effectively to build sustainable relationships

Our clients are small business owners, associations and non-profits who are busy running their business and working hard to make their business succeed. This means they don’t have the time to devote towards building and managing their social media campaigns.

That's where SociaLink comes in. We take the time to get to know and understand your business, your culture and your customers. We'll help you make meaningful connections with your customers.


We offer start up packages, monthly management packages as well as consulting services. Contact us and let us help you make your next SociaLink.