Picture of Allan Blair Beaton

Allan Blair Beaton

Glasgow, United Kingdom



Date Certified: Sep 30, 2011

Allan B Beaton is a social media "scientist", speaker and trainer from the UK. He has developed and managed innovative and successful social campaigns for large companies, public sector organisations and SMEs.


By putting the ‘social’ back into his client’s social media campaigns, Allan is able to dramatically increase their visibility and engagement in the social sphere. Allan’s innovative, focused approach has quickly made him one of the leading social media consultants in the UK.

Allan has always been a connector of people. He has committed his whole life to helping people connect, engage and increase the value they get from human relationships.

The label ‘social media scientist’ was originally given to Allan by one of his long term clients. This describes Allan perfectly. By combining his natural affinity for creating relationships and human conversations with his in depth understanding of the latest technological developments, he’s able to offer something quite unique. He’s not interested in inventing the next big social platform or app, he’d much rather experiment and test new and existing apps and channels to further harness the connective power of the social web.

With Allan’s expertise, personality and innovative approach he gives his clients the opportunity to become trendsetters, innovators...industry leaders.