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Brian Holler

Seattle, United States



Date Certified: Jun 9, 2014

Brian Holler - Teaching Business Engagement

If you need someone to take a look at your brand or business with a fresh, intelligent perspective that can also provide opportunities and resources for accelerated growth, I am eager and willing to help you.

Being a positive, driven, fun person who can apply his skills towards being a strong asset for the people he works with is important to me. I am a team player who is easy to critique, a fast, adept learner and an excellent communicator. I am an effective leader for the very same reasons.

My background also includes working in newspapers, radio and television, writing reviews for papers, blogs and websites; leading a non-profit, serving as a union representative and teaching English and History in public schools.

Specialties: business development, content creation, lead generation, social media training, leadership, blogging/writing, branding, politics, negotiation, management, marketing, hosting, entrepreneurship, communication, conversation, advising, coaching, inspiration.