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Derrick Idleburg Jr.

Kansas City, United States



Date Certified: Aug 7, 2013

Hi! My name is Derrick Idleburg Jr., also known as the Founder of Far From Idle

Marketing is important simply because of this: People.

At the core, what is Marketing about? To me, its to help someone understand your product, service, and who you are. Marketing tells a story. A story that encourages businesses and people to invest time and money in your product and service, but more-so in you.

Social Media has a unique way of making you stand out in ways that weren’t possible just a few years ago. An online presence can boost your business or career, whether it’s a blog, Facebook page, Twitter, or another platform. But you can’t just do nothing. The hard part is knowing what is best for your profession or industry and how to effectively use it to your advantage.

Need some help?

The best value? $300 monthly retainer. I will give you up to 15 hours of my time each month.  I will do everything for you related to Social Media, Marketing, Content and more. Everything from coming up with a plan to implementing it on a weekly basis will fall under this plan. Clients on retainer are first priority, and the spots are very limited.  For a client reference, please contact Albert Okagbue.

Tactical Services: This is for people who understand what needs to get done. You need Editing, Content Creation, Perception, Social Media, Emailing, Sales. You need someone to execute the strategy. Begins at $65 per month.

Strategic Services: This is for people who need a blue-print to follow. How can Social Media be used to advance your cause? How can blogging help bring your ability to the forefront? I will write you a 1-4 page recipe to follow. If you already have such a plan, I can help you review and refresh it (recommended once a year). Flat fee starting at $250.

General Consulting: Need some consulting to help you with your media but don’t want to pay to have someone manage it for you? Spend a few hours with me and I will help you strategize the most effective solution for you. Begins at $40 per hour.

Is this worth my time? Please view my testimonials page to see what some of my clients had to say!

*Other miscellaneous marketing and promotional services are available by request. I am here to crank up the “people” element of whatever you are doing!