Picture of Paul Hyun, Park

Paul Hyun, Park

Bellingham, United States



Date Certified: Oct 20, 2013

Motivating and inspiring those around me is what keeps my gear going in life. I do this by learning and bettering myself everyday. In doing so, I believe I can positively impact those around me as a positive role model and friend.

Pursuing a double major in Accounting and Marketing, I am eligible to sit for the CPA starting June 2014. I am actively working to join the auditing side of accounting for an influential accounting firm.

I decided to pursue my degree in Accounting and Marketing because I believe the two majors complement each other perfectly. Numbers run the world. It is essential to understand both how the numbers came to be and how they can be utilized to achieve a person's/firm's goal. Marketing then teaches me the methods of finding what numbers the clients need. It also teaches me the techniques to properly present the findings in the most appealing way to each individual client.

"Success, has been continuously defined, as getting up one more time than you have been knocked down."