Picture of Erin Ashlee Rose

Erin Ashlee Rose

Denver, United States



Date Certified: Oct 30, 2013

At Influence Results, I am focused on creating strategic solutions that provide professionals, companies, celebrities, bands and products a way to keep up in an ever-changing marketplace. My team is dedicated to helping our clients gain and maintain influence within each of their diverse industries by consistently engaging with and promoting their persona, product and/or brand to an audience that is interested, involved and influential.

Our strategic systems were designed by industry experts and perfected by a team of professionals who are passionate about our ever-evolving new medial marketplace. We have capitalized on the education available to us from global thinkers, leaders and world-renowned companies who have demonstrated national success. We optimize their systems, programs, and strategies to fit your company's resources and goals.

We support the needs of our clients with everything from 1 on 1 coaching, to group training sessions, to hiring and training entire company marketing departments. Your success is our priority and we will teach you what we do OR DO IT FOR YOU!

Using our New Media Marketing and Business Development techniques, we are influencing results across the Webisphere!