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Ivor Kellock

St Albans, United Kingdom



Date Certified: Dec 30, 2011

Would you like to learn or improve your marketing

Would you like more sales?

It's not enough today to be seen as the best at what you do you must be seen as the ONLY one. Are you & your company? Personal branding is now as important as product & company branding

Whatever your business social media raises your expert profile, website & business. Search engines expect you to be using social media to be successful online now

A Google report shows that businesses who embrace the internet grow more quickly & spend less on investment - see here

report https://www.box.net/shared/jqbgkjkgg5

Does the internet create sales for you? If not ask me for an instant internet audit

Can your business be found by home computers, tablets (iPad & similar) mobiles & GPS location searches?

Do you utilise FREE Google & social media promotion tools whilst managing your raised profile with FREE mobile apps - saving you time & promotion money?

Are you creating customer loyalty? Would you like a simple effective loyalty programme?

What is your marketing strategy? Does your product marketing staircase keep you busy?

If not or you'd like to know what this is & how it generates sales please ask me because simple suggestions can readily bring you quick sales & income

I can coach & train you & your organisation to be effective using the internet/social media helping you deliver why you do what you do

Sharing creates sales

Good luck Ivor :-)

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