Picture of Jennifer Waters

Jennifer Waters

Washington, DC, United States


Date Certified: Aug 18, 2013

I'm a publishing pro with more than 15 years experience in the print field, with a growing interest in social media and digital communication vehicles. I'm an expert traveller, able to sleep on a flight of any duration and admit to having a (short) list of pet peeves that irk me while on the road. To me, social media is fun, knows no bounds and really is a constant learning opportunity. It also puts you in touch with a very extensive audience, which is important since you never know where leads or new contacts will come from. When not staring at a computer, I like to be oustide -- running, reading or getting some sun. I'm also a huge sports fan - loyal to my NY teams, and can hold my own with the guys in most conversations. I'm married to a huge sports fan - we like to cook, hit the local pubs and travel. We recently located to southeastern Massachusetts after 12 years in the DC area.