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Shekeira Whitaker

Houston, United States



Date Certified: Apr 15, 2014

Kae Whitaker is the lead Social Media Strategist of Kae Whitaker Solutions based out of Houston, TX.  Kae specializes in Freelance Marketing and Social Media Training to help small business better utilize their social media platforms to yield the best results for their business goals.


Through proven implemented social media strategies, Kae professionally teaches CEOs and small business owners how to properly identify the most effective social media channels for their organizations and how to best optimize results.


By effectively using social media Kae feels small businesses can stand out from their competition and  become leaders in their industries resulting in better brand awareness and an increase in revenue.

Let Kae teach you how to better utilize your social media campaigns and successfully reach your business goals.

To Contact Kae:

(p) 281-676-8787

(e) info@kaewhitaker.com

(w) http://kaewhitaker.com