Picture of Therese Kopiwoda

Therese Kopiwoda

Indianapolis, United States



Date Certified: Jul 27, 2011

Social Media Coach and Educator for individuals and owners of small businesses.

I've been working online since the mid 90s when I started out as a comminity moderator for Micrsoft Expedia. Since then I've worked with hundreds of clients, helping them create and maintain a stellar online presence.

I love helping people with their online presence, whether it's for personal branding or marketing their business. I especially enjoy working with those who are just learning how to get around online. Many are somewhat hesitant to get going, but they know how important it is in today's world. When I see things start to click for them, that's when it really gets exciting! Helping them go from that feeling of head-spinning confusion to having a plan and going after it, is what I strive for.

If you'd like more information about me, please visit my Google+ page at ThereseKopiwoda.com where you'll find links to my many social media accounts and websites. And while you're there, be sure to circle me if you're a Google+ user.