Picture of Lucas Shaffer

Lucas Shaffer

Columbus, Ga, United States


By day, I am the guy who helps you get the job done. You want me on your team because I can use a very unique set of skills to help build your ideas using the web. I am an experienced social media professional, community builder, eCommerce hero and web development heavyweight who works the web from all angles. And by night, I am the quick witted entrepreneur, bumbling Dad and loving husband who is a recent recipient of a Master's in CompSci while trying to conquer the world one site at a time.

If you didn't know, I own and operate Stand And Stretch. With over 12 years web development under my belt, we build social media strategies and execute web-based solutions to help businesses grow. We know the web and have set out to prove it. I have considerable knowledge over many languages including, but not limited to, HTML/CSS/Javascript (12 years), .NET (VB,C#; 6 years), Flash (4 years) and PHP (3 years). I've worked with almost ALL database systems except Oracle. I've developed on many platforms and environments requiring me to stay agile and cutting edge. 

My goals are to take Stand And Stretch and build a healthy company while focusing more on my passion.



Social Networking, Programming, Blogging, Client Side Interface Design, Service Oriented Architecture, jQuery Implementations, Flash Development, Graphic Design, AJAX/.NET Framework Development, PHP Environment, SQL/MySQL Server Management, Digital Media Marketing, Brand and Identity Awareness, Authority Cultivation, Social Media Outreach and Integration, Inbound Marketing Professional, SEO, content management and I consider myself of the Notepad Elite!