Picture of Marcos Garcia

Marcos Garcia

Fairfax, United States


Date Certified: Jul 11, 2013

I am a self-taught web developer primarily in front-end design with limited skills in graphics. I am always seeking and willing to learn in order to broaden my personal knowledge and skills. I adapt easily to new challenges and I am open to new ways of doing things. I regularly demonstrate initiative when making decisions and finding ways to think outside of the box. Good with goals and deadlines but know how to deal with setbacks realistically. I am an independent worker and a team player. I work efficiently both alone or in a group scenario and require very little supervision to accomplish the goals at hand.

I am always motivated and driven to succeed.  I give 100% at everything I do.  I believe in doing things right the first time or not doing them at all.  I am a reliable and dependable individual.  I handle stress and pressure in a professional manner and always keep the best interest of the company I represent in mind.  I possess excellent organizational skills, as well as effective verbal and written communication, both in English and in Spanish.  I am comfortable with directing and have experience managing a team of individuals.

Currently expanding my technical skills by teaching myself PHP, Java Script, Social Media Management, and SEO to name a few.