Picture of Dan Mason

Dan Mason

London, United Kingdom



Date Certified: Aug 8, 2013

After 30 years in journalism, the most dramatic - and exciting - change I've seen is that the power to publish has gone from the hands of a few in the mainstream media ... to everyone.

Today I'm privileged to work with amazing people - journalists, governments, NGOs, corporates, bloggers and citizen journalists - in countries including Zimbabwe, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Sudan, Iraq, Nigeria, Kenya, Qatar, Egypt, Cyprus, Barbados, China, Jordan and Israel (plus UK).

The training I design and lead includes online journalism, social media, mobile skills, blogging and visual media skills. As a consultant, I help organisations adapt and innovate in a converging media world.

I work as an independent consultant and trainer, and with organisations like Al Jazeera, IREX and the Thomson Foundation.

What keeps me motivated and passionate about what I do that it is still all about people ... and helping THEM make a difference.