Picture of Tom Stables

Tom Stables

Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom


Date Certified: Jan 22, 2014

My obsession for tech, words and multimedia is underpinned by my BSc Web & Multimedia with Creative Writing. My love for design, image and aesthetics is underpinned by my MA Graphic Design.

I’m what you might call a digital native - perhaps an internet addict. Either way, getting online in 1995 put me in good stead to do what I do. I design for web, design for print and I have an appreciation for methods of communication across multiple channels (digital/offline). In 1999, I was teaching local communities how to use the internet at Cardinal Newman College. In 2001, I was an online journalist, producing digital written content and fostering a social network in the shape of Bigwideworld. Little wonder then, that my MA dissertation focussed on hyperconnectivity and its impact on us as designers and people.

It makes sense then that I also lecture in Online Reputation Management and other social media related issues at the University of Central Lancashire. 3ManFactory also works with schools, educating students about the importance and impact of their digital footprint, with emphasis on web safety.

Creative thinker. Busy do-er.