Picture of Tricia Fox

Tricia Fox

Perth, United Kingdom



Date Certified: Jan 9, 2013

Tricia's probably at her happiest when she's on a beach, wearing wellies and walking her two doggies, Molly & Toby.

However the rest of the time she gets all very animated whenever clients want to talk about marketing and PR ideas where she lets her imagination and extensive experience run wild.

Her favourite food is curry ( no surprise - she likes to keep things spicy and prefers a variety of different flavours) and, as a bit of a film buff, refused to be drawn on what her favourite film of ALL TIME which actually be. She said, if pushed, she could pick us one per year.

Ever the planner, Tricia handles complexity with ease and considering she has a degree in English Literature you can just imagine how hard it was to get her to name her favourite book. Consider our horror when, with all those classics to choose from, she plumped for the children's book The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe by CS Lewis.

So childlike imagination aside, you'll be glad to know the boss fully redeemed herself when it came to picking someone who inspired her, and we were given a decisive steer in the direction of Queen Elizabeth I.

When asked why, she responded "Any woman who takes on what is traditionally considered a man's job and makes a long career out of it deserves our respect. One who does it 400 years before the rest of us even attempt it deserves it even more so."

Safe to safe there's a feminist hiding in there somewhere.