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Media Bites LLC (Catalina Galan)

Miami, United States



Date Certified: Feb 13, 2014


Media Bites, LLC is a boutique "Social Media Management/Digital/Print Marketing Agency" located in Hollywood, Florida.


Our mission is to link up people to people and promote our clients by utilizing social network platforms.

As CEO at Media Bites, LLC, our goal is to work side by side with other business owners to teach, help and free them from the pain of researching how social media works plus finding the time to update all those social network platforms. 

Social Media is an amazing tool which serves three main purposes: 1) Branding, 2) Customer Retention and 3) Lead Generation. As an Entrepreneur/Employee at various industries and by understanding business owners needs, we can work with their vision and in return convert all those social connections into revenue.

Currently, companies face highly competitive times; in which, they must be a part of the social media radar in order to be noticed. People are more connected than ever making network platforms a golden tool for businesses to showcase and reach out to new potential customers by maximizing the power of "Social Media Management ".


Media Bites, LLC is the affordable, effective partner for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies looking to create an effective social marketing presence. We offer graphic designs, creativity, social marketing and consulting services, including social media management and strategy advisement as well as offering everything from simple social media analysis reports to full-scale social media management. We focus on Social Media Network platforms to serve the specific needs of our customers, to get them noticed and prominent in the Social Media world.