Picture of Jorge Aldrovandi

Jorge Aldrovandi

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Date Certified: May 2, 2011

Jorge Aldrovandi is specialized in administration, management of processes of change in companies rendering services and in industries, particularly in administrative and information processes, and in processes related to production or rendering of services, and to the human factor, especially focusing on results, and the implementation of systems of quality management, as per ISO 9000:2000, showing his performance in administration with a strong profile as regards management of processes, the human factor and technology.

His professional experience has made him specialize in the creation and implementation of private companies (a profession known as Start-up Manager), both medium and large, located in Uruguay, Chile and Brazil. His education is based on administrative science, management of projects and implementation of systems of quality management. In addition, he has carried out consultancy work, management of projects and education/training for Uruguayan, French, German and Chilean NGO’s, between 1986 and 1990. In 1998 he was the founding director of Rio Cristal S.A., a company that renders services related to the human factor, based on information technology and the Internet, located in Montevideo/Uruguay.

Since 2002, Jorge Aldrovandi lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In 2006 he created BabelTeam www.BabelTeam.com), a company that aims to help other companies, projects and individuals to communicate with the increasing market of consumers who use the Internet as a source of information to their decision-making processes.