Picture of Gary Winchester

Gary Winchester

Rocklin, United States



Date Certified: Apr 21, 2013


As a former Marine, Gary harnesses his military experience, training and knowledge to best benefit his customers.  This launched him as a speaker, cultivated him as a trainer and has given him the passion to be the best.

In 2009 Gary launched his first Social Marketing business to help Placer and Sacramento County businesses grow through the implementation of his strategy, guidance and analytical style.  In 2011 he joined EMF Broadcasting as the K-LOVE Radio Social Media Producer.  There, he was responsible for creating a social strategy that gave 17 local promotion offices, 9 DJs and the brand the ability to post on one Facebook Page without over sharing.  He also coached the local promotion Offices, news team and DJs on the use of Twitter for optimal listener impact.  Through his strategy, analytical style and coaching he was able to increase listener support through online donations.  He was also able to increase the social reach by more than 500,000 in less than 18 months.

In February of 2013 Gary and Norm Schurdell launched a new marketing platform called TheMarketingMinds.com.  The foundation of this new platform is strategy and integration allowing them to give each customer a solid foundation while including pro design, pro development and pro social.  Gary hopes to give his customers a foundation to stand on that will carry them far into the future.

Since 2009 Gary has been responsible for raising and saving his customers more than $600,000.  To find out more about his career path connect with him on LinkedIn, to learn more about social media follow him on Twitter and like his Facebook Page.  If you want to discover more about his Life, Music and his passion for Social Marketing check out his blog.  Got questions, want to hire Gary as a part of your marketing team or as a consultant for your business then call him at 877-494-9668.