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Scott Frangos

Portland, United States



Date Certified: Jun 26, 2010

Scott Frangos, President of WebDirexion LLC (see G+), is a career MarCom professional focused on Content Marketing, Social Media, and WordPress Web Development. He loves introducing strategies and tactics to boost ROI at your websites. He also loves pizza, coffee, and Tai Chi — not necessarily in that order. Scott serves as Founder, Chief Optimizer and Strategist at WebDirexion.com.  Before the Web, he worked in Advertising, Marketing and PR. He recently taught a class on Content Marketing with WordPress for the Langley Center for New Media, and in May of 2012, spoke on G+ and WordPress Combo, at WebVisions PDX. Scott is the lead imagineer behind Webdirexion's popular Max-Ref Content Marketing Widgetsplugin for WordPress. In the past he has taught HTM, CSS and Photoshop, and also eCommerce and general business courses at colleges and technical schools in the Pacific Northwest. Scott is lucky, blessed, and at times cursed with a right-brain/left-brain ability to both program for the web and work on creative marketing solutions.  He also writes for Content Marketing Institute.

He is currently developing a new online course on "Content Marketing with WordPress".